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Ranfurlie was opened in the Autumn of 2002.  It is currently ranked in the top 100 courses in the land by the two most respected course ranking publications (60th Golf Course Guide 2016).

Note from the designer, Mike Clayton

“If there is a single principle behind the course it is that the most difficult sections of the greens are best accessed not from the middle of the fairway but rather the edge. It leads some to believe it is an easy driving course – and it is if hitting the fairway is the measure. Driving to the most advantageous place is however more problematic and takes some thought as to where that place might be.”

Note from renowned course designer, Tom Doak

“I’ve played the course and it’s very good.  The greens and bunker construction is very well done, and in many cases insists that you play the approach from one side of the fairway over the other. I really like how they ramped the greens up from the front to allow a running approach.”